Practical Applications

      GenetiGrow’s goal is to provide versatile online data analysis services for:

1) Athletic Organizations and Schools
2) Fitness Enthusiasts
3) Medical Practices


      GenetiGrow's current web application creates a custom profile for each user's muscular and skeletal systems. It uses the input data to determine all possible changes to major muscle groups in the user's body. This includes changes in strength and size while tracking the neuromuscular efficiency of each major muscle group. Over time, the system compares the user's changes in strength and size with the projected best and worst case scenarios, providing a grade for how well he or she has progressed in their fitness regimen. These projections adjust based on starting conditions, data history, and the user's genetic potential for each lift and muscle size. For users more concerned with weight management, there are other tools that provide support during their weight loss journey.

      The system makes calculations to determine a healthy weight range customized for each user, replacing the BMI formula and other general weight management advice. Another part of the weight management tool displays the estimated pressure on joints in the lower body while standing, allowing the user to have an idea of their risk of future joint replacement due to their bodyweight. Finally, the system displays the user's caloric needs based on their profile and activity level, making meal prep easier. While these are some of the capabilities available through, there are many others available right now and will be developed in the future.

How GenetiGrow is Different

      GenetiGrow allows anyone to keep track of some of the most minute details of how their musculoskeletal system works as well as set realistic goals up to years in advance. In addition to goal setting, a user receives estimates on how much muscle and strength will be lost due to inactivity. This way, it will be easier to know what intensity he or she should be training at upon their return. The data stored on a profile can be used by the user, their coaches, trainers, doctors, and physical therapists respectively, keeping everyone informed of how the user's body is performing or recovering from any injuries. Gathering anatomical data requires no special equipment other than tape measure and calipers, which are available online or can be used at many public gyms. There are other genetic potential, caloric needs, and ability ranking systems available on the internet, but GenetiGrow is much more accurate and provides permanent storage of data in an easily accessible and user-friendly form.

Athletic Organizations and Schools

      Athletes and coaches at the professional, collegiate, and high school levels can use GenetiGrow to grade the effectiveness of off season workout programs as well as determine if an athlete is giving full effort during training sessions. For athletes moving up to collegiate or professional sports, the organization they are going to will be able to access that athlete's data. This way, they will be able to know how much that athlete can improve and their genetic potential for size, strength, and endurance. The progress projections and genetic potential calculations will guide strength coaches, showing them the maximum weight the athlete should be lifting in order to minimize risk of injury.

Fitness Enthusiasts

      Individual GenetiGrow users can incorporate their accounts into their own fitness regimen. This can help with weight management, along with creating smarter weight training routines and nutrition plans. For a user, in addition to comparing progress to the best and worst case scenarios, he or she will be able to factor in the amount of money spent in order to get the progress grade they have achieved, giving a grade for the cost efficiency of their fitness regimen. The feature will be added to GenetiGrow in the near future. Also, a user is currently able to compare their own genetic potential and current state of fitness to other users based on age, weight, residence and other factors. That way, everyone will know what percentile they are in for each of their abilities and body measurements.

Medical Practices and Medical Research

      GenetiGrow's system can be especially helpful for orthopedic surgeons and physical therapists. The grading system which evaluates how a patient's muscles have gained or lost strength over time can be used to aid in discovering better treatment options for injuries. Also, specifically for physical therapists, a future GenetiGrow development will find muscle imbalances in a patient's body, taking out some of the guesswork done during the recovery process. Overall, GenetiGrow's current and future systems will be able to make medical professionals' jobs easier.